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Natural wood floors

A natural wooden floor can be one of the most warm, inviting and durable flooring options for most rooms and hallways. From solid hardwood, parquet and even engineered wood, the choices are endless. But every wooden floor needs some TLC, especially when they have become tired and scuffed.  

We were recently asked to carry out the restoration of a deteriorating wooden floor at a large Leicestershire academy school. The dining room floor was seen to be worn by years of use and protective layers had thinned and become discoloured through regular use.

Our specialists at WorkBox worked hard to restore this floor and successfully bring it back to life. It was sanded, treated and resealed through expertise and skill.

Project manager, Tom Beeson, said: “By using the right products and techniques, we have provided a new lease of life to the floor for a long time to come. The results are clear to see!”

Natural wood is very long-lasting and even if you think your floor needs to be ripped out and replaced, let us assure you that we can transform a tired scratched surface to good as new.  Floors faded by sun damage can be revived and protected from the same thing happening again as well as spills and cleaning fluids.

Our methods and skilled experts will leave you with a beautiful new looking floor, that will last for many years. We have experience of restoring flooring including parquet, in homes, offices, schools, and much more. So you can pull up the rugs and carpets and let your wooden floors shine once more!

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